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Get Involved/Ways to Join

GRR! hosts a forum for state legislators in November, 2013

List of Ways to Join

  • Join our email list to receive updates and calls to action. Find out how to make a difference in your community and support others across the country.
  • Buy a GRR T-shirt for yourself and a friend.  Wear it to GRR events or just around town.  Stand up and be counted!  Contact us for details.
  • Like us on Facebook and check this website for updates on access issues, pending legislation, and opportunities to make your voice heard.  Together, we are powerful.

What You Can Do

  • Educate yourself and your friends. Check our resource page to find accurate, complete and trustworthy information on reproductive rights.
  • Wear a GRR T-shirt. These are great conversation starters. Let people know where you stand and why this is important. You’ll be surprised how many people agree.
  • Share your story. We all have a personal stake in keeping access to reproductive healthcare affordable and available. Sometimes just telling your story can make the difference.
  • Participate in GRR’s direct action. Whether attending a forum in your own community or going to an Advocacy Day at your state capital, you can make a difference. Write to your elected representatives. Tell them this is important and that every grandmother in the country cares.
  • Stand up for reproductive rights in your own community. Attend candidates’ campaign events and ask about their position on women’s health issues. Vote for candidates who understand why women should make their own decisions about healthcare and their own bodies.
  • Start a chapter of Grandmothers For Reproductive Rights near you. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

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