We are feisty, passionate grandmothers and elders on a mission to advance reproductive health, rights & justice.

Who is GRR!

Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR!) works, through education and advocacy, to secure access to sexual & reproductive health, rights, and justice for present and future generations.

  • Abortion Justice
  • Truth Telling
  • Intergenerational Movement Building

GRR! is pro-abortion.

We embrace a bold vision for a society where abortions are affordable, available, and supported for everyone who needs them. Abortion justice can only be achieved while foregrounding the human rights principles of the Reproductive Justice movement.

Storytelling Drives Culture Change

GRR! is home to the only national storytelling program for elders who had abortions during the pre-Roe years and beyond. In 2023, we expanded the archive to include stories about a wide range of reproductive experiences, including adoption. Amid vicious attacks on abortion rights & access, it is crucial for elders to share insights from our experiences while moving in alignment with current demands for abortion and reproductive justice.  GRR! storytellers make public what we were told to keep secret. In doing so, we affirm the dignity & autonomy of younger generations, as well as our younger selves.


Reproductive . Options . Exist

GRR!'s ROE Campaign exposes the deceitful tactics and lies anti-abortion centers (AACs) promote and reveals their true agenda to end abortion access. Leveraging the status of grandmothers and elders as sources of truth and safety, GRR! confronts AACs for the public health crises they create, while supporting younger generations in accessing accurate information when seeking sexual and reproductive health care free of shame, coercion, and misinformation.


Why We’re Angry

Pregnancy should not be treated as a consequence or a liability. The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade is the culmination of decades of anti-abortion politicians and activists decimating abortion access, particularly for communities of color and low-income people. Additionally, anti-abortion centers (AACs) are well-funded and unregulated agents of misinformation, stigma and shame that target the most vulnerable communities of pregnant people. We won't stand for it.

Why We Act

We are grandmothers and elders who work intergenerationally for a future where young people can make empowered decisions about their reproductive futures without barriers or stigma. We share our stories, raise our voices, organize and demonstrate because we know elders have a unique place in this movement and the power to shift culture and policy.

Why It Matters

While abortion access is felt deeply at the individual level, it is also true that when birthing people can exercise bodily autonomy without unjust barriers, they are better off physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. This positively impacts families and entire communities. Abortion access is a public good and a necessity that underpins a healthy and equitable democracy. .

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GRR!’s Beginnings

Julia G. Kahrl, Ph.D


Jay McCreight

Former Maine State Representative