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Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights Education Fund (GRR!) works, through education and advocacy, to secure for younger generations access to reproductive rights, justice, and health care for which our generation fought so hard.



Stories have power. As grandmothers, we have lived and seen things that younger generations have not had to experience. We hope they never do. Read about some of our experiences and feel free to share your story.


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Why Grandmothers?

GRR! is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by people from diverse backgrounds who believe that access to sexual and reproductive health care improves the lives of women and their families. We have in-depth knowledge about abortion before Roe v. Wade and we remember what life was like for women when abortion was illegal and access to contraception very limited.

Most GRR! activists are age 50 plus and from the generation of women who came of age before Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade years, 1965 and 1973 respectively. We are both women and men (with and without grandchildren) who are passionate to preserve reproductive rights, access to sexuality education, and birth control for future generations.




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