Our Manifesto

We are Grandmothers for empowered families!

A healthy family is the foundation of any great civilization.
With the perspective of time, experience, and
wisdom gained from raising our children,
we know that families are stronger when women are
equal, free, secure, autonomous, and supported.

Reproductive rights are the fundamental building blocks

that empower families.
We lived through illegal abortions,
unsafe medical procedures,
little to no birth control access, and
a stigmatizing culture.

These injustices anger us!
Grr! is the sound you make when you’re angry.
It’s the clenching jaw -
the gritting teeth —
the emotion that animates

our passionate voices.
When we spoke out
we discovered that a woman’s age 

doesn’t dilute her power.

We turned our anger into action,

to activism.

We joined together

to create the world
we’d be proud to leave our grandchildren.

Join us as we bring healthcare, policy, and people together
in the fiercely loving way only a grandmother could!