Word to the Wise: Now is the Time, We Won’t Go Back.

June 5, 2019

How often have you heard or thought to yourself, “It’s so bad now that it can’t get any worse.” Yet, the next morning, something new happens. Another state has banned abortion after six weeks. Another state legislator has demonstrated ignorance about women’s reproductive health. A government agency has imposed a domestic gag rule.

Take a couple of deep breaths. There’s hope. Many more people of all ages are getting into the fight. Many groups are growing including GRR!, thanks to you all.

We are finding more ways to show up, to catch attention. There is an authority that we have that is not as obvious elsewhere. People do listen to grandmothers, because they know we have many years of life experience.

We raise awareness by communicating with friends near and far. We show up in the Letters to the Editor columns. We call/write/email our state and federal legislators, both allies and opposition. If we are able, we go to hearings in the state house, or join demonstrations. Yellow pins, t-shirts, and scarves get attention!

The more actions taken, the stronger we become. Small actions, big actions: you can make a difference! We are here to support you as you support this critical movement. So let’s join together. Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and Grandchildren, no matter your age! NOW IS THE TIME! WE WON’T GO BACK!

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