Welcome Cait Vaughan: GRR!’s National Grassroots Organizer.

November 9, 2020

After the most recent Trump appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, there is no doubt that the right to privacy and bodily autonomy will be decided state-by-state. The writing was on the wall months ago and we knew it was time to dream big. After reviewing more than 250 resumes, we hired Cait Vaughan as our National Grassroots Organizer to respond to the many requests throughout the country for GRR! chapters and community groups.

A little about Cait in her own words.

“I grew up in a working poor family plagued by violence and intergenerational trauma, but went on to become the first in my family to attend a four-year university. I began organizing against sexual violence on my college campus when I was just barely 18, and I’ve been organizing ever since on issues as diverse as affordable housing, anti-racism and Black cultural preservation, immigrant rights, homelessness, universal health care and abortion access.


Organizing is my love language and life’s passion, and I seek to honor the generations of feminist freedom dreamers upon whose shoulders I stand. Beyond organizing, I am a birth doula supporting low-income pregnant people, a stepmother to two amazing boys and auntie to many more children. Reading, weightlifting and embroidery keep me sane when the world feels all out of sorts.


Why I Am Excited To Work With GRR!


I have partnered with GRR! as an organizer for a family planning & independent abortion provider since Trump was inaugurated in early 2017. I was immediately drawn to the enthusiasm and dedication of older women activists who have been working to advance reproductive freedom under diverse and challenging political and cultural conditions for decades—often while raising families and building careers.


I am excited to begin as the National Grassroots Organizer with GRR! not only because older women possess knowledge of where we have been and how to move the needle, but also because building a cross-generational movement to secure reproductive freedom and justice is the only way we will truly create a present and future we can all be proud to share. I am eager to learn alongside older women activists living in much more politically hostile climates.


While the road ahead is filled with unknowns and barriers, we can be certain that GRR!s all across the country bring a wealth of know-how, grit, and creativity to our movement. I cannot wait to connect with y’all and hear what your dreams are for the women and girls in your communities; let’s dream big and work hard, together!

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