Voices of Abortion Quilt – Call for Submissions.

February 1, 2023

Shortly after the Dobbs v. JWHO ruling by SCOTUS in summer 2022, Barbara Riddle-Dvorak’s anger and concern found an outlet in the idea of creating a mammoth quilt to bring attention to the necessity of safe, legal and accessible abortion for all. She brought this idea to Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR!), and we are excited to partner in this effort that has the potential to illustrate and explore the meaning of abortion in our lives, now and throughout history, engaging a craft and artistic tradition with radical and feminist roots. While this is an America-based project, abortion is a global issue and impacts all of us.

Submission Details:

● Participants can embroider, print, paint or otherwise decorate or embellish with mementos 6 x 6 or 12 x 12 blocks of sturdy cotton or canvas. Non-quilters welcome!;

● This is a pro-abortion project. Thus, block submissions should document and memorialize how individual lives have been positively impacted by access to abortions (legal and illegal), as well as negatively impacted by unjust restrictions on abortion access. The honored individual/s could be the participant themselves, abortion providers (past & present), family members or friends;

● Submissions can be anonymous, if desired;

● Words, pictures and symbols are all acceptable;

● Any language or imagery that is deemed to convey oppressive ideas or themes will not be accepted;

● People of all genders are welcome to make submissions;

● It is encouraged to submit a brief (up to 1 page single spaced 12 pt. font) statement with one’s quilt block submission;

● All submitters must provide GRR! permission to share submissions with the public via all forms of media and in-person gatherings and educational events.

Organization: The blocks will be sent by post to a central location, where volunteers will connect them to form manageable double-bed size “quilts” that can be hooked together to form an ever-growing mammoth quilt that can travel to events, museums and galleries across the country.

To Submit:

  • Complete this form
  • Send a photo of your submission to quilt@grrnow.org
  • Send a brief statement to quilt@grrnow.org
  • Mail block submissions to GRR! P.O. Box 950 Bath, ME 04530.
  • Deadline: Submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis! We plan to unfurl sections of the quilt at a symbolically significant site when it has reached the appropriate size for such an exhibition!

Project Lead & Initiator: Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, Ph.D., www.barbarariddle.com

Organizational Partner & Fiscal Sponsor: Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR!), www.grrnow.org

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