"Evergreen" Actions

Every day of any year – regardless of who is in power or what legal standing there is – here are four ways you can advance abortion access and rights. 

Donating to abortion funds & independent clinics is the most direct way to help people who need abortions ASAP.


Let young people in your life know they can talk openly with you about abortion.

Send a kind note to or order lunch for your local clinic workers.

Offer to volunteer with funds & clinics near you.

Write LTEs to local papers voicing your support for abortion access.

Start conversations with family, friends, neighbors & coworkers about why abortion is such an important issue to you.

Ask your PCP office to post & share info & non-stigmatizing resources on abortion in their waiting rooms.

Push lawmakers & candidates at all levels of gov’t for concrete plans to protect & advance abortion access.

Organize & join rallies, speakouts & storytelling events to normalize abortion & publicly demand abortion liberation.

Call & mail your Congress people demanding they end Hyde & pass WHPA.

Give honest reviews of crisis pregnancy centers on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.