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Participating in elections is where we ultimately declare what we want our legislators to do. This section will help you find your way through voter registration in your state, where to vote, contacting your representatives, and where to find accounts of relevant legislation.

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Register to Vote

Double check your state’s voter registration deadline to make sure you register in time to vote in the next election.

Absentee Ballot

Request and absentee ballot in-time for the next election!

Track Legislation

Want to learn about the bills currently being considered by the United States Congress or your state legislature? Look up legislation by name, number, date or issue. See where it is in the process of becoming law.

National Legislation Look-up:
Other resources to research and track national and state legislation can be found here via POPVOX:

Track State LegislationTrack Federal LegislationYou can also check out the National Conference of State Legislators for more information.



Check Your Status

Why should I check my voter registration status?

  • You recently moved and may still be registered at your previous residence.
  • You have not voted in several elections. Some states remove people from the voter rolls for inactivity.
  • Your name recently changed (marriage, etc.) and you need to update your registration to reflect that change.

Voter Resources

Find your polling location and other voter resources here:


Elected Officials

Curious to know more about who is representing you and your community at the local, state and federal level? Learn more about your elected officials and candidates running to represent you.

Here you can find your federal, state and local representatives, how to contact them, bills they’ve introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they’ve received.

Find My Elected Officials:       https://www.commoncause.org/find-your-representative/addr/

Use GovTrack to find out who represents you in Congress and what bills they have sponsored.

Find Members of Congress:  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members


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