Effective Strategy

We organize so that we can come together in protest, activism, education, and advocacy to secure and further reproductive rights.

We create tailored workshops, templates, toolkits, strategy sessions, research (and more!) to support local organizing projects

Our planning start from the beginning ideas, to the people management, sign creation, materials design, and finally hitting the pavement to stand up for our rights and those of the next generation!

Our Response

We take our activism to the streets in protest!

We support other organizations across the country doing amazing work for reproductive rights. We help educate, support, answer questions, and collaborate with sister nonprofits.

We engage local colleges to collaborate with us on educational and advocacy projects throughout the country. 

We research new laws and strategy for effective campaigning.

Grandmothers making
a difference

GRR! Videos

We Are Part of The Fight

Destie Sprague

Founder, Julia “Judy” Kahrl, Is A Visionary

Jay McCreight

Supporting Leaders

Cait Vaughan

Take Action

Organize with GRR!

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Help teach organizational strategies

Connect us with new organizations to collaborate with

Share creative campaign Ideas