Carol Jacobs


to the kindly, courageous, compassionate Dr. Robert Spencer of Ashland, PA, who, for next to nothing, performed my abortion and thousands of others, and who treated all who traveled the difficult road to him with dignity.

SHAME on the local police who harassed us the next morning in a diner and who terrorized me by following our car out of town.

SHAME on my university whose policy it was to throw out female students discovered to be pregnant – but never the males who inseminated them.


2023 – INSTEAD

I finished my undergraduate work, got a doctorate, and spent a productive lifetime as a professor of literature.

INSTEAD, I went on to find a magnificent life partner with whom I have two glorious, strong, inspiring daughters who were both wanted and adored.

And the next generation? Two amazing, rambunctious grandsons, who treat all women with respect, never imagining that it could possibly be otherwise.



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