Lucille Ann Mann

I was completely alone. And I was scared.

In Memory of Lucille Ann Mann
January 13, 1926 - July 17, 2022 

Lucille's story was shared by her daughter, Terry, who writes:
It's wonderful to hear that you can use the story about my mother. She went on to divorce my father, and to become an excellent graphic designer, work she did into her mid-70s, when she allowed herself to use her talents as an artist. My mother was able to view the story I made. She liked it, and hoped it would find its way into the hands of activists. At 96, she was still determined to be politically involved in securing reproductive rights. 

The painting here is one of Lucille's works.


 I just felt I couldn’t deal with another pregnancy when I was working to get a divorce. I felt that I could not live with this man being violent to me.

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