Sue Perlgut

I no longer feel shame, what I feel now is anger.


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​​​​​​Connie Cook: A Documentary


As one of only three women in the New York State Assembly in the 1960s and 70s, Connie Cook led extraordinary efforts — against the odds — to create change within a male-dominated government. As a Republican Assemblywoman for New York’s 125th District, she sought equality and fought for women’s rights.  She authored legislation in 1970 that decriminalized abortion in New York State, which paved the way for Roe Vs. Wade in 1973.


Connie Cook — pilot, legislator, advocate and attorney — was indeed a woman ahead of her time. This interview-driven documentary chronicles her life, her contributions to politics, and her fight for women’s rights. Many changes in American life came about because of Connie’s drive, determination, and humanitarianism. Her work inspired many, and her story inspires us all.


Sue Perlgut is an award-winning documentarian and founder of Close To Home Productions, reaching a wide-ranging audience with documentaries, videos, and multimedia films that feature topical and socially relevant issues ranging from abortion rights to retirement, to hospice, and women’s wisdom. 


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Although it cost me a third of my salary, I was lucky. I survived. I didn’t have to travel far, but was treated with less than courtesy...The woman who drove us to the abortion told me on the ride there, that if her daughter ever got pregnant she’d kill her.

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