September 8, 2021

September 1st began the implementation of one of the most extreme abortion bans our country has ever seen. Senate Bill 8 (S.B. 8) bans abortion after six weeks while deputizing anyone to bring a civil lawsuit for up to $10,000 against abortion care providers and anyone they suspect of “aiding and abetting” patients seeking abortion care beyond six weeks.

This bill intentionally targets the reproductive justice movement’s support networks to make abortion accessible for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor folks, even under the Hyde Amendment and existing state-level restrictions. S.B. 8 turns anti-abortion protestors, neighbors, family members, and even Uber drivers into potential threats for people seeking health care. It is unconscionable, and it is in direct violation of Roe v. Wade.

We want to express our disgust at the cruelty of this law, as well as our solidarity with all of the providers, practical support workers, abortion fund staff & volunteers, advocates, abortion storytellers, clinic escorts, and legal professionals working nonstop to support Texans in getting the care they need.

Abortion is still legal in all 50 states, despite restrictions. In every state, there are fierce networks of individuals working tirelessly to make abortion access a reality. We are heartened by the courage and relentless organizing of Texans and repro folks in bordering states.

We want to highlight some resources to support GRR!s in understanding this terrible law and ways you can take action to support abortion access for Texans and beyond.

  • The Lilith Fund put together a powerful and straightforward review of what  S.B. 8 is and does. You can read it here to learn more.
  • S.B. 8 is pushing patients to travel out of state for care. Many abortion patients already struggle to make ends meet and will now face additional financial and logistical barriers. Abortion funds in Texas need your support now more than ever, so they can assist patients with funding for procedures, transportation, child care, and lodging. At the same time, they travel hundreds of miles for necessary abortion care.
  • Bad legislation—even if overturned—harms and closes clinics. Independent clinics are at high risk for closure under S.B. 8. Abortion Care Network—of which GRR! is an allied member—has set up a way for supporters to donate directly to indie clinics to keep care available through & beyond our current moment. Check it out here.

Never give up. The fight goes on. We will NEVER go back.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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