Recipe for Action: Time to Make Pi (3.14159).

March 14, 2018

Today is National Pi Day! Here is our GRR recipe for action using Pi.


  • 3 letters: GRR
  • DOT for a brief pause
  • 1 explosive roar (or Grrrrrrr)
  • 4 long breaths-in and out
  • 1 quick mental review of the war on women
  • 5 new restrictions on women
  • 9 women and more somewhere out there…


  1. Learn that the THREE letters stand for Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights GRR
  2. Brief pause (ie. DOT) to Google our website:
  3. Grrrrrr ONE more time as you learn that 1,074 abortion restrictions have been passed since 1973
  4. Take FOUR long breaths when you realize 27% of those restrictions have been enacted since 2010.
  5. To recover from your roar make a decision to take at least ONE action against anti-abortion extremists.
  6. Discover that FIVE more restrictions have just…, but then…
  7. Realize there are more than NINE women who agree with you who also remember when abortion was illegal, access to contraception was very limited, and women were dying of unsafe abortion.
  8. So you join our community of GRRs across the country or invite friends to join by going to:

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