Recipe for Action: T-Shirt Activism.

June 5, 2019


  • Your GRR! activist T-Shirt
  • A tablespoon of courage
  • A teaspoon each of inspiration and motivation
  • A sprinkle of purpose, energy, and hope


  • Don your bright yellow GRR! T-shirt and think about what inspires your activism – the desire to preserve reproductive rights for your daughters, granddaughters and future generations
  • Take the energy of anger and transform it into the power of making your voice heardConnect to the courage, purpose and hope of GRR! activists throughout the country- a wave of feisty, smart grandmothers in bright yellow tees
  • Embrace all the conversations your t-shirt will bring to you- along with the visibility you will bring to the fight for reproductive rights
  • With each conversation, feel the hope and power of the nationwide GRR! activist network
  • Take a photo of you and your friends wearing the GRR! t-shirt and we will post to Facebook and Pinterest

Servings: As many as you choose

Cook Time: Under a minute – or as long as it takes to put your t-shirt on!

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