Policy and Partnerships

We are stronger when we are united and centering those most harshly impacted by systems of oppression. GRR! puts our core value of collaboration into action through our participation in national coalitions and intentional partnerships with leaders in the reproductive rights and justice fields. In addition to the coalitions listed below, GRR! involves frontline leaders like indie providers, abortion funds and practical support organizations to join programs as speakers and panelists to ensure GRR!s across the country know how to best support abortion seekers and providers in abortion ban states.

Policies are influenced

by people like you

  • Engage in national mobilizations and calls to action that move the needle on law and culture
  • Research new laws and discover ways to advocate for our reproductive rights
  • Contact politicians by phone, email, mailers, and explain why their laws are helpful or harmful to women and families


Our voices + Perspectives Are Powerful

Persistence pays off

Meaningful change require Pressure

Organized and consistent messaging win

Our Response

Engage in National Mobilizations

We collaborate with volunteers, GRRs, and organizations across the country to change federal policy laws that are harmful to women.

Move the needle on Laws + Culture

We work to understand how laws affect the everyday lives of women and advocate for increased reproductive rights across the country.

GRR! Videos

I’m Proud of My Work and My Bills

Jay McCreight

GRR! Is Advocacy

Jay McCreight

How A Bill Is Created: My Process

Jay McCreight

Take Action

Federal Policy Change

You can help by …

  • Learning about Federal and Local Laws
  • Writing, Calling, and Visiting your politicians
  • Volunteering to organize GRRs around the country to affect legal and culture change