Kelli McCannell

Position: Executive Director
Categories: Staff

Kelli McCannell (she/her) is GRR! executive director. She is a Maine transplant from San Diego who went to college in Washington state, thus living in three corners of the country. She joined GRR! after decades of work at other large and small nonprofits such as the WIC program, Girl Scouts, and Hardy Girls Healthy Women. Kelli started attending protests on the shoulders of her father and now attends with her own children. She frequently cries listening to Storycorps, reads lots and lots of books, takes up time-consuming art (braided rugs, quilting, cross stitch, printmaking…), and loves being outside. Kelli lives in Rockland, Maine, with her three sons, her husband, and the family dog, Vanilla. Her favorite thing about GRR! is being a part of a group of folks who own their anger, their care, and their love.