Elayne Richard

Position: Education Coordinator
Categories: Staff

Elayne Richard (she/her) is the Education Coordinator for GRR!, motivating young people, grandmothers, and others to use their voices and become activists in the fight for reproductive rights and justice so that future generations do not have to re-live what older generations experienced prior to Roe v Wade. Her activism dates back to the 70s – attending the National Women’s Conference in Houston in 1977, working at an abortion clinic, anti-war demonstrations, and as a children’s case manager. After 50 years, she will not concede. Elayne embraces the idea that having conversations with others, one person at a time, is the surest way to bring about change in these tumultuous divisive times. Elayne and her husband have lived in Fairfield, Maine for the past 37 years. They have three sons, a daughter in-law and two grandchildren.