Let’s Pass a Reproductive Autonomy Amendment to Maine’s Constitution.

January 10, 2024

This legislative session in Maine brings an incredible opportunity via LD 780, RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Protect Personal Reproductive Autonomy. Introduced by Senator Eloise Vitelli, LD 780 would enshrine protections for abortion and broader reproductive rights into Maine’s state constitution.

While we have strong laws around reproductive autonomy right now in Maine, laws can be repealed, however strong they are, and we deserve to know our rights won’t be at risk of being overturned each election. An amendment would leave no doubt that Maine’s constitution protects our reproductive autonomy and rights.

 It’s time to make clear that reproductive rights are fundamental human rights. Maine voters should have the chance to weigh in and settle these issues.

“As an American, I value liberty, autonomy, and freedom. As a physician and an abortion provider, I support the independence and freedom of my patients to make the medical decisions that are best for them and their families. In the wake of Dobbs, we have seen politicians revoke Americans’ basic civil liberties and personal freedoms with restrictions and bans against contraception, abortion care, and gender affirming care. Mainers deserve to have their human rights protected by our state constitution. Medical care is a basic human right. Bodily autonomy is a fundamental right. It is time to enshrine these rights for Mainers with a constitutional amendment.” 

– Dr. Julia McDonald, DO, MPH, Augusta, ME

How do we pass a constitutional amendment?

Step One:  In Maine, legislators must pass the resolution (LD 780) with 2/3 majority votes in both the House and Senate chambers.

Step Two: If a proposal meets the 2/3 threshold, the question is put to voters during the next general election, where a simple majority is needed for the amendment to officially pass.

How can you be involved?

  • Your Presence: Join us in person at the statehouse on 1/22 @ 9 AM to show your support!
  • Your Voice:  Testify before the legislative committee at the public hearing on 1/22  *or* submit written testimony online.
  • Your Networks:  Spread the word to fellow repro freedom champions in your life & support them in turning out!

Want to give testimony & seeking support?

GRR! staff are here to offer support in crafting and editing your testimony, with as little or as much support as you desire. Contact Cait Vaughan at cait.v@grrnow.org with specific requests!

We welcome testimony reflecting on a diversity of reproductive experiences. We are trying to build a public record and make a strong showing before legislators, impressing upon them how vital this amendment’s passage is to Maine people & voters.

Testimony Tip #1: The ask before lawmakers is to allow this question to go before the people at the next general election. Urge legislators to look beyond their own personal beliefs around reproduction, and to honor the right of Mainers to decide at the polls for ourselves!

Testimony Tip #2: You may only have 2 minutes, or 3 at most, to read your testimony, so be sure to practice ahead of time so it runs smoothly when it’s your turn at the mic.

Details for Monday, January 22nd

  • Directions & Parking information for visiting the state house can be found here. Please note that the parking garage on Sewall Street is currently closed; we encourage carpooling!
  • Meet up with organizers at the Welcome Center (on the right, just past state house security) @ 9 AM.
  • Join us @ 9 AM at the state house —Bring signs if you’d like, and we’ll have buttons, stickers & signs, too!
  • Public Hearing @ 10 AM before the Judiciary Committee in State House Room 438 (4th floor, elevator accessible).
  • Submit written testimony in advance online here. Contact cait.v@grrnow.org if you run into technical issues.

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