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JULIA G. KAHRL, Ph.D. grew up in a household where reproductive health was dinner table conversation. Judy’s father was a pioneer in the field. When she was having her children, she became involved with the movement for women to be able to make decisions about where and how they gave birth. She also worked with La Leche League International as they promoted breastfeeding throughout the US and beyond.

On a trip to Mozambique with Pathfinder International, Judy saw the leadership and influence older women had with young women and recognized the power grandmothers have in a community. Back in the US, Judy shared the anger that people of her generation felt about restrictions on abortion and family planning. Believing that anger could be harnessed on behalf of all grandchildren, Judy founded GRR! in 2013.

Judy graduated from Radcliffe College and earned her Ph.D. in adult education at Ohio State University. Judy and her late husband, Stan Kahrl, have four children and eight grandchildren.



JULIA G. KAHRL, Ph.D. grew up in a household where...


Position: Vice-Chair
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DENISE MILL PARKER was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. She graduated with a B.S. in Nursing from The Ohio State University. Later, she earned her MBA at The George Washington University in Washington DC.

While working in various healthcare roles her entire career—from direct patient care to hospital and medical group administration—she became acutely aware of disparities in care and worked to alleviate some of the burdens experienced by the disenfranchised. Denise is married to a retired neuroradiologist and has four adult sons, three daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren.



DENISE MILL PARKER was born and raised in Mt. Vernon,...


Position: Treasurer
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DEBORAH DE WITT has been active as a volunteer for 40 years, with a commitment to reproductive rights. She began her volunteer work with Planned Parenthood Westchester in the early 1980s. Deborah has served as a board member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Ipas, and Pathfinder International.

Deborah lives in Deer Isle, Maine, and joined the board of GRR! in 2020. She is also a board member of Native Gardens of Blue Hill.

She retired in 2006 as Tax Director of GE’s Treasury operations. Before joining GE in 1996, she was a partner at Ernst & Young in New York City. Her clients were principally in the financial services industries.

Deborah has an M.B.A. from Columbia University. She graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in economics.



DEBORAH DE WITT has been active as a volunteer for...


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Before retiring to Maine, Caroline lived in Massachusetts where she was involved in various businesses. When her children were very young, she was in the daycare business. After her children were older, Caroline became a general manager in the real estate and support services business in Boston. From there, she joined a residential real estate brokerage firm as a sales associate. Caroline spent the summers in Georgetown, Maine, and in 2004 she and her husband moved to Bath, Maine.



Before retiring to Maine, Caroline lived in Massachusetts where she...


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Connie Adler, MD, has provided healthcare for women in Maine for over 30 years, while insisting that women’s health includes reproductive rights and freedom from Domestic Violence and sexual assault. She was on the Board of Directors of Maine Family Planning for 20 years, and served as well on the Boards of the Maine Health Access Foundation, her hospital in Farmington, and others . She has worked in Central America on training providers and
improving obstetrical care to women there.
Dr. Adler has won the Maine Women’s Fund leadership award for service to women, the Maine Medical Association award for humanitarian service promoting safe obstetric care for women in Nicaragua, the Hanley Center award for physician leadership, and was inducted into the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame for being a physician advocate for women’s health.


Board Chair

Connie Adler, MD, has provided healthcare for women in Maine...


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Board Member

GRR! Advisory Board

  • Earlene Avalón
  • Sandra L. Caron
  • Margaret Crites
    Life-long Advocate
  • Peggye Williams Mills
    Ret., Mother of Six, Grandmother of Seven
  • Pamelyn Richardson
    Ret., Journalist and Photographer
  • Dan Pellegrom
    Ret. CEO, Pathfinder International
  • Ellen F. Golden
    Ret., Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

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