Jane’s Story.

November 5, 2019

[Background: Jane Fisher is part of the GRR! team in Maine. Several months ago, her story was featured on NBC.com. Today she is battling Stage 3 Colon Cancer. Jane is a shero and a dear friend and continues to advise us despite aggressive treatments. We hope she is an inspiration to you because Jane never  gives up. Neither will we.]

Jane still remembers feeling terrified driving to New York City from her Connecticut college campus for a 3 a.m. appointment with an abortion doctor almost 50 years ago. She had heard countless horror stories of women getting sick and dying from unsafe abortions, so she decided to travel in the dead of night to a clandestine clinic in the neighboring state, which recently legalized abortion. Read more.

The procedure, which safely terminated her unwanted pregnancy, yielded a sigh of relief for Fisher, but the panic-ridden experience resonated for a long time, eventually sparking a passion in her for reproductive rights.

Fisher has charged herself up for the next round of action with nothing short of the same passion she had as a young college student. She now has a new generation of women to fight for and to fight alongside, she said.

“It’s time we all get active and pay attention to reproductive justice because these rights are fundamental to all women, and we have to have each other’s backs,” she said. “We absolutely cannot go backwards.”

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