It’s Voting Tuesday: State Races to Watch in 2020.

January 14, 2020

While the media is focused on the presidential and U.S. Senate races, candidates running for state legislatures are the 2020 election dark horses – and the political parties are paying attention!

Eighty-six state legislative chambers are holding regularly-scheduled elections in 2020. A handful of these races are close enough to “flip” to the other party. With Congressional redistricting coming in 2021 and the increasing likelihood that the Supreme Court will give state legislatures the green light to legislate abortion rights out of existence, control of legislative chambers has never been more critical.

Ballotpedia has identified 21 chambers in 17 states that are “flippable” in the 2020 election. The Democratic party is spending five times more on state legislative races this year than it did ten years ago before the last round of redistricting. A recent Washington Post article identifies the party’s targeted races. Whether you live in a legislative battleground state or not, volunteering for your local candidates is a great way to building a government that shares your values.

Reach out to your local candidates today and offer to help!

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