It’s Voting Tuesday: Ask Your Candidates.

April 20, 2020

Voting for Reproductive Justice

“Voters, no matter their gender, benefit when women in society do well. They should support candidates who back efforts to ensure women get the health care they need and oppose measures to limit treatment and access to contraception and abortion care.

Systemic racism, economic and immigration status, and where a woman lives can make accessing even available health care difficult. Candidates should support efforts to target those most marginalized by the current healthcare system. Candidates should work to preserve progress to end violence against women and push for modern workforce policies including paid family leave, including to care for aging loved ones, measures to end the gender wage gap, and improving laws protecting pregnant women and banning sexual harassment.” – Human Rights Watch

For the US Congress Candidates:

– What is your position on new regulations that limit women’s access to contraception, allow medical providers to discriminate against them, and block federally-funded health providers from giving them information?

– Do you support paid family leave? How would you implement a program?

– Do you support legislative efforts to target and address racial disparities in women’s health outcomes, including the Jeannette Acosta Invest in Women’s Health Act and the Momnibus Act?

– What measures should be taken to protect access to abortion information and services?

What questions will you ask your state and local representatives about reproductive justice that are most important to you, your community, your family, and your values?  Please share your questions with us and we will amplify your voices state by state.



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