It’s Voting Tuesday! It’s all about the Senate.

February 18, 2020

Don’t. Stop. Thinking about the Senate.



Are you fired up to rebuild a U.S. Senate that will work for the issues that are important to you?

Some  “Highlights” as Senate Majority Leader:

–  Refusing to allow the Senate to even consider President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court;

–  Refusing to consider hundreds of House bills, including bills on election security, prescription drug prices, climate change, universal background checks, and reproductive rights;

–  Passing almost zero meaningful legislation in 2019;

–  Helping Donald Trump pack the federal courts with extreme conservative judges – two Supreme Court Justices and more than 150 lower court judges have received lifetime appointments in the past three years.

In 2020, changing the makeup of the Senate is just as critical as changing the occupant of the White House. Don’t take our word for it – Mitch himself told us what he’ll do if he stays in power.

Thirty-five Senate seats are on the ballot in November, including 22 Senators who put the Senate Majority Leader in power! Find the nearest Senate race here, pick a candidate who shares your values, and GET TO WORK!


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