Recipe for Action: How to Become a GRR Activist.

May 25, 2018

Join your sisters in fighting for reproductive rights and justice! It’s truly never been easier to get involved. Just follow this easy recipe to stand with fellow Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights across the country.

Servings: One at a time
Cook Time: Whatever time you have
Prep Time: 1 min to a lifetime


  •      A passion for change
  •      A pinch of curiosity to know more
  •      A group to follow: Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights
  •      A dash of personal time
  •      A measure of outreach to family and friends
  •      One small action you can take ASAP
  •      A sprinkle of support for your activism


  1.     Feel your passion for reproductive rights and justice
  2.     Stir in your knowledge and experiences (especially if they were pre-Roe).
  3.     Get steamed when you hear about the constant threats to reproductive rights
  4.     Click on GRR’s links to learn more about what you can do:
  5.     Know that GRR is for everyone: grandmothers and all grandmothers-at-heart (grandchildren too!)
  6.     Sign on to the GRR email list:
  7.     Take one action to support reproductive rights
  8.     Find support for your action(s) from like-minded people among family and friends
  9.     Stay tuned to GRR…and get ready for your next action


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