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Activism with GRR! is a rewarding experience, filled with learning, peer and intergenerational connections, and raising our voices to advance reproductive freedom! GRR! is an emerging national organization, with grassroots activists living across 40 U.S. states. We are grandmothers in the traditional sense, and also elders of all identities who are committed to grandmothering a more just society into being for present and future generations.

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5 TrACks of Interest

Story tellers 

Expose Anti-Abortion Centers

Policy and Partnerships 

Supporting Local Leaders


Evergreen Actions

Every day of any year – regardless of who is in power or what legal standing there is – here are four ways you can advance abortion access and rights.

  • Give Money

  • Offer Support

  • Talk about it

  • Apply Pressure

Donating to abortion funds & independent clinics is the most direct way to help people who need abortions ASAP.

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Volunteer with GRR! to make a difference in your local community and for reproductive rights access on a national level. Our Volunteering opportunities are inspiring, educational, and fun!

In ways that 
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Our organization presents events throughout the country (and online.) Check our event calendar to find an event near you. If there aren't any near you, contact us and we can help connect you with the nearest event in your community.