Calling Out

Anti-Abortion Centers

GRR!'s Reproductive Options Exist (ROE) Campaign exposes the deceitful tactics and lies anti-abortion centers (AACs) promote and exposes AAC's true agenda to end abortion access and care. Leveraging the status of grandmothers and elders as sources of truth and safety, GRR! supports younger generations in accessing accurate information when seeking sexual and reproductive health care free of shame, coercion, and misinformation.

What are Anti-Abortion Centers?

Anti-abortion centers, often called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), are organizations that exist to talk people out of having abortions. 

They do this by spreading misinformation about abortion and vilifying the people who have them and perform them.

These centers have an agenda for your pregnancy.

These Centers
Do Not Have to keep
your Information Private +
Can share it without your Consent

We envision a world where all pregnant people have

Our Response

Demonstrate & Educate

We created virtual teach-ins, flier templates, sample Letters-to-the-Editor, and more! We can train you on how to protest and present to other groups, colleges, and universities.

Direct People to Trusted Community Resources

By knowing how to spot anti-abortion centers, GRR!s can save pregnant people time in accessing care by directing them to legitimate healthcare providers. These clinics will provide shame-free care and access to all options.

Change the Laws!

GRR! brings federal policy information to you! These centers aren’t bound by HIPAA privacy laws, are supported by public dollars, and knowingly lie to people. With our partners, we urge members of government to expose these tactics.

Grandmothers making
a difference

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Our Work Exposing Anti-Abortion Centers

Elayne Richard

How Fake Clinics Operate

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