SCOTUS Oral Arguments on SB8 in Texas

On Monday, Nov 1st, The Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases: Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, and Department of Justice, the United States v. Texas. Both cases are specific to Texas and SB8 and will focus on procedural issues: whether to reinstate the order blocking SB8 (WWH v. Jackson), and whether the United States government has the authority to bring a case against the State of Texas to prevent its state court judges, state court clerks, other state officials, institutions, entities, and private citizens from enforcing the Texas law (US v Texas). 

Audio of the Nov. 1st and Dec.1st arguments will be streamed live on the SCOTUS Live Oral Argument page. Arguments are scheduled for Monday, Nov 1st at 10am ET. The cases will be heard back to back and receive an hour of time each. If you are unable to listen in real time, you can check out the Argument Audio page for previous oral arguments.