Coffee & Chat – Body Image Below the Belt: Reproductive Rights & Menstrual Education

Young girls and older adolescents hate it “down there.” We will talk about how this perspective relates in part to menstrual stigma, sets the stage for limited sexual self-care later on, and can thwart claiming full body autonomy, which is at the heart of reproductive rights. We can do a better job of helping girls learn about “down there,” starting with improved menstrual education.

In November, we are pleased to be joined by Peggy Stubbs, who holds a PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology. She is currently Professor Emerita of Psychology at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. As a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, she has researched girls’ and women’s menstrual attitudes and experiences over many years. Committed to improving females’ body literacy throughout the lifespan, she has a special passion for supporting younger girls during their journey to adulthood.

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