Webinar: Self-Managed Abortion 101 with an RJ Lens

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Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights and Urbana-Champaign Reproductive Justice are thrilled to share “Self-Managed Abortion 101 with a Reproductive Justice Lens,” a webinar workshop created by the Abortion On Our Own Terms (AOOOT) campaign.   

This workshop was built to help individuals and communities understand our cultural and historic relationship to self-managed abortion from a decolonized framework, share information about why someone might choose a self-managed abortion, and discuss criminalization and risks.  GRR! is a proud partner of the AOOOT campaign. AOOOT is a culture and narrative change campaign demanding that self-managed abortion be an accessible option for anyone who wants to end a pregnancy. The campaign centers the voices and experiences of people who have had abortions and those who face the greatest barriers to care. We aim to destigmatize self-managed abortion, working with advocates, movement leaders, and policy makers to change the way they talk about self-managed abortion.  

Learn more at www.abortiononourownterms.orgwww.grrnow.org, and www.ucrj.org.

  • Date : 04/22/2024
  • Time : 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (America/Chicago)