Misinformation is 


  • Misinformation campaigns exist all over our country, on the internet, and in our politics. People aim to divide and shame our families from learning about fact-based, safe health options.
  • Anti-abortion centers, often called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), are organizations that exist to talk people out of having abortions by spreading misinformation about abortion and vilifying the people who have them and perform them.
  • Stopping misinformation and biased healthcare in its tracks inessential to ensuring the safety of all women.


GRR! strives to offer programming that keeps grandmothers and elders: 

Current on knowledge, language, and best practices

Builds and strengthens intergenerational ties in the movement

Prepares and builds skills in activists

Our Response

we produce 3 educational online Series

Classroom and Campus Collaborations

In addition to the following programming, GRR! presents programs in colleges and universities to deepen our commitment to intergenerational work and culture change, so no person has to face shame and stigma when accessing abortion care. We work collaboratively with community-based organizations to increase our presence and influence in our local communities. GRR! also provides education(al) workshops that support grandmothers and elders in finding their voices and continuing the activism they were committed to in the past. Our activism shakes up stereotypes about older women.

Learn with GRR!

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What to expect

  • Updates on the reproductive rights movement
  • Diverse voices
  • Inclusive conversations
  • Ideas and inspiration on how to move forward

Elders Shine a Light on the Past to Illuminate a Future

GRR! Videos

The Power of Making Decisions

Lucy Hull

I’s About Access For All People

Jay McCreight

Generational Interactions Within GRR!

Jay McCreight

Importance of Intergenerational Growth and Learning


Reproductive Health vs. Rights vs. Justice - What’s the Difference?


Take Action

Education Series

You can help by...

  • Attending our events to become an educated and empowered resource in your community
  • Connect GRR! with your local colleges/universities and community organizations for workshops
  • Follow us on social media and share information widely!