Recipe for Action: Contacting your Members of Congress by Phone.

June 19, 2018

Phone calls to Members of Congress are one of the most effective ways to make your voice heard. One phone call has the same impact as 1,000 emails. Some GRRs keep the contact information close to their phone to make it easier to call.  When Members of Congress hear from a large number of people, they pay attention. So add your voice to the number!

Servings: 1-3   (1 Representative and 2 Senators)

Prep Time:  5-20 minutes   

Cook Time:  As needed, about 2-3 mins per call.                                                  


  • A large dollop of concern about a particular issue
  • An overflowing cup of desire to make your voice heard
  • A particular reason it is important for you to make contact with your Member of Congress (MOC)
  • The name and/or number of bill (The numbers for Senate and House differ).
  • 1-2 talking points about the issue
  • Access to Internet for Member of Congress’s contact information
  • 1 telephone
  • Paper and pencil (optional)


  1.     Feel your concern about the issue and mix it with your desire to make your voice heard.
  2.     Repeat to yourself the reason why it is important to contact your MOC
  3.     Check with your source of information for the name or the number of the bill and write it down. This website   is one place to find information.
  4.     Choose 1-2 points that are most important that you want to say over the phone.  If it helps, write down your points, or practice saying them. One point often is the best way to go.
  5.     Get onto the internet and find your MOC:
  6.    Choose where to call.  Some of us have found we can get through and have more of a conversation with the aide who answers if we call an in-state office vs. their Washington, D.C. office.  Your choice. You can find the in-state office contact information on each MOC’s website.
  7.     Be sure to tell the aide your name and town so they will know you are a constituent.

“I am (name)from (town). I am calling about the ­­­­­­­­­­­___________ bill.  I ask that you support/not support this bill because______________________.”

  1.     After you hang up, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK for having spoken up about this issue.

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