Back in Session.

January 21, 2016

January, 2016. GRR is in Augusta for Maine Women’s Day. We join more than a hundred women advocating to raise the minimum wage, improve access to healthcare, and  protect reproductive rights as the legislature begins its new session.  While at the statehouse, GRR delivers 4300 postcards to thank state senators and representatives for supporting reproductive rights during the 2015 legislative session and ask for their continued support in 2016.  Nearly 100 members of the legislature, senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans receive our thanks for their votes on three separate bills last year.

Postcards ready for delivery Above GRRs with Sen Chris Johnson Reps Jay McCreight Mattie Daughtry Jennifer DeChant Mick Devin and Denise Tepler

In the future, GRR hopes to have the opportunity to thank EVERY member of the legislature for supporting reproductive rights in Maine.  For women and their families to thrive, they must be able to make their own decisions about family planning and have access to reproductive healthcare.

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