Abortion Is Freedom: A Virtual Teach-In with the Mabel Wadsworth Center & Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights!.

June 3, 2022

Abortion Is Freedom: A Virtual Teach-In with Mabel Wadsworth Center & Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights! 

Saturday, July 2nd  // 9 AM-1 PM ET

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Event Description: Join us over the Independence Day weekend for a half-day of learning and discussion focused on how abortion is foundational to personal freedom and democracy, and the ways reproductive freedom is central to voter enfranchisement, racial justice and fostering an informed public. Hear from people who have had & provide abortions, local activists and advocates as we take a deep dive into the call to action, Abortion Is Freedom!


9 AM – 10 AM: Opening Remarks + Panel Discussion 

Connecting the Dots Between Abortion, Freedom and Democracy

Reproductive politics are central–never marginal–to building an equitable democracy and achieving economic and racial justice. Discussants will draw connections between abortion liberation and contemporary attacks on voting rights, the rise of white supremacist organizing and violence, and Indigenous sovereignty. 

10 AM -10:45 AM: Teach-In 

Liberate Abortion: The Messages We Use and Why They Matter

Do we want to Keep Abortion Legal? Yes, of course! And we are demanding more than the legal right to abortion. We want abortion to be available, affordable, accessible, and stigma-free for anyone who needs it. In this mini teach-in, we are going to discuss the intentionality of the language, messages, and imagery we use and how it moves forward a broader vision of reproductive freedom for all of us. 

10:45 AM -11 AM: Break

11 AM -11:45 AM: Teach-In 

Exposing Anti-Abortion Centers & Disinformation 

Anti-Abortion Women’s Centers, commonly known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) exist to convince people not to have abortions by spreading misinformation and deceiving and shaming people seeking information and/or abortion care. These centers have a conservative religious agenda oftentimes backed by big money, both private and public. During this mini teach-in, we will learn to recognize AAWCs and identify the lies and nasty tactics they use, so we as advocates are better armed to confront and expose them.

11:45 AM-12 PM: Break

12 PM -1 PM: Closing Remarks and Panel Discussion

Abortion Is Our Future 

Abortion is an incredibly common experience. It is also one of the most personal and intimate decisions people make. In this session, we will be joined by people who have had abortions and individuals who provide abortion care and support. We will explore what the phrase “abortion is freedom” means to us as individuals and the future of abortion liberation we are fighting for.

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